Dealing With Express Entry Rejection with Immigration Lawyer in Toronto

Have you decided to immigrate to Canada?  Well, it’s a very good step that you have taken from your side. But unless you comply with the regulations of Canadian immigration, you won’t be allowed to immigrate.

Canadian government offers various kinds of immigration programs. For example, Canada offers Express Entry Program, Family Class Sponsorship, Work Visa Permits, and so on. If you don’t have any idea about which program would be suitable for you, you can take the help of a skilled immigration lawyer in Toronto. The lawyer will assess the case of the client and will decide which program would be suitable for them.


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A Lawyer Can Help with Express Entry System

Canadian Immigration System like IRCC offers a brand new way of controlling the intake of immigrants from various parts of the world. Basically, Express Entry System is an electronic system that controls the application of the immigrants. In order to control the immigrant application it tries to ensure that the applicant has been issued with an ITA for permanent residency. Those who have not received any ITA, is automatically rejected.

With the help of an immigration lawyer in Toronto, an immigrant gets to know that Express Entry System properly. Basically, the system creates a pool of possible candidates who can immigrate. The candidates are ranked based on the data provided by the applicant. For example, data can range from necessary qualification and skills to results of IELTS. In fact, the lawyer can help clients to understand the whole process.

Reason For Rejections

Often, it has been seen that many applications made through Express Entry System are rejected. If you too fall among the unfortunate lot, then you must consult an immigration attorney. The attorney can clearly tell the likelihood why your application for permanent residency has been rejected. The reasons might be:

  • Incomplete Documentsimmigration lawyer in Toronto

Often, a skilled immigration lawyer in Toronto will tell you the crucial reason for application rejection is because of incomplete documents. If any applicant fails to provide necessary documents like ECA or police verification certificate, application will get rejected.

  • Requirements

If a candidate fails to meet the minimum requirements of Express Entry or have adequate qualification then the application might get rejected.

  • Mistakes

Another reason which results in Express Entry rejection is filling the application wrongly. Wrong information or application full of mistakes would be immediately rejected.

Help With Express Entry Rejection

If your Express Entry application has been rejected, don’t feel disheartened. Just take the help of an immigration lawyer in Toronto. They will guide you through alternate options for immigrating to Canada. The lawyer can also guide clients through the process of appeal or reapply; whichever process seems suitable for the client.

If a client considers reapplying or appealing the existing order, it is important to have an expert lawyer by your side. They will do their best to help their client deal with the rejection.

Obviously, seeking the help of an immigration lawyer in Toronto would serve your best interest. But make sure the lawyer is an experienced and reputed one.If you are interested in being an immigration lawyer, read job description here.


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