POLAND – FRANCE – YUGOSLAVIA (August 1939 to May 1941)
Panzer Division Kempf and the Build up for the Invasion of Poland
Capture of Belgrade


BARBAROSSA AND BEYOND (June 1941 to December 1942)
SS-Division “Reich” Officer List – May 1941
The Battle of Jelnja – July 19 – August 9, 1941


KHARKOV, KURSK AND BEYOND (January 1943 to April 1944)
II SS Pz. Korps Assault on Kharkov
Operation Zitadelle


NORMANDY AND FALAISE (May 1944 to August 1944)
Normandy and Falaise
Battle of Mortain (August 6-10, 1944)


BATTLE OF THE BULGE (December 1944 to January 1945)
Battle of the Bulge


HUNGARY, AUSTRIA AND THE END (February to May 1945)
Overview of the Battles in Hungary and Austria