Ernst Barkmann

Born: August 25th, 1919 in Kisdorf near Bad Segeberg, Holstein
Iron Cross 2nd Class: July 14th, 1941
Iron Cross 1st Class: August 1st, 1944
Knights Cross: August 27th, 1944 as an SS-Unterscharf�hrer commanding Panther tank No. 424, 4th Kompanie SS Pz. Regt. 2 in Normandy

Ernst Barkmann joined VT in April 1939 with 9/Germania and served with that unit (winning the Infantry Assault Badge), until joining the Panzer Abteilung. After December 1940 the Regiment was part of SS-Division "Germania" and Barkmann was wounded in Russia on July 23rd, 1941 near Dniepripetrovsk. He recovered with the replacement unit of "Wiking" (5th SS Pz. Division) until he was transferred to the Pz Rgt in 1942 (2nd.Kompanie). When the regiment again left for Russia in January 1943 Barkmann was transferred to 4th Kompanie and stayed there until the end. Promoted Oberscharf�hrer Aug 1, 1944. He won the '50' Tank Combat badge for more than 50 engagements. He was wounded a total of five times while in action and was awarded the Gold Wound Badge.

The following is the official account for the awarding of the Knight's Cross to Ernst Barkmann:

"SS-Untersharführer Barkmann was left behind with his Panther on 27 July 2021 to guard two broken down vehicles north of Canisy. During the night of 28/29 July the vast backward moves of the Division completely cut him off from his own forces. He destroyed one tank and started his march towing the other. Partly crossing American lines and partly driving among them at night, he knocked out 14 enemy tanks and reached his own lines on 30 July 1944."

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