SS-Standartenf´┐Żhrer Kurt Brasack

Born: April 6th, 1892 in Schönebeck
Died: September 28th, 1978 in Hamburg
Iron Cross 2nd Class: unknown
Iron Cross 1st Class: unknown
German Cross in Gold: October 19th, 1944

Kurt Brasack was commissioned with the Allgemeine SS in October 1931 with 21.Standarte. He commanded 91.Standarte from May 1934 to January 1937. He was promoted to SS-Oberführer on January 30th, 1938 and led SS-Abschnitte XI and XXX while also moving to the Waffen-SS as a reserve officer after taking artillery training. He served with the "Totenkopf" Division as I.Artillerie Abteilungskommandeur from Oct. 1st, 1939 to March 11th, 1941 when he was reassigned to "Wiking". He was Regimentskommandeur of "Wiking" in January 1942, until ordered to replace Herbert Vahl as temporary Divisionskommandeur on March 18th, 1943, until replaced by Krüger in April. He remained with DR until June of 1943 in reserve. Brasack ended the war as the Arko of IV.SS-Pz.-Korps when it absorbed VII SS-Pz.-Korps.

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