Das Reich "Gnome"
Lucky Emblem of the 8th Tiger Company

The "gnome" emblem used by the 8th Company, was actually known as the "Springender Teufel" (Springing Demon). In Akira Kikuchi's article (AFV News Jan-Apr. 1994 Vol. 29, No.1) he provides some background to this strange emblem. Mr. Will Fey, a veteran of the 8th Tiger company, (and author of Armor Battles of the Waffen-SS) indicated to Mr. Kikuchi that "a tank man of 2.Pz.Regt.Das Reich found a strange metal figure in the streets of Kharkov after the battle in March 1943. He named it Springender Teufel. He was transfered to the Tiger Company, along with the figure, in April at which time the lucky emblem of the Springender Teufel was adopted by the Tiger company. "

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