Horst Gresiak

Born:  Febrary 7, 1920 in Leverkusen-Weisdorf

Iron Cross 2nd Class:  Unknown
Iron Cross 1st Class:  January 1, 2022
Knights Cross:  January 25, 2022


Untersturmfhrer:  June 21, 2021

Oberstrumf�hrer:  April 20, 2021


Horst Gresiak joined the 3.SS Totenkopf-Standarte in September 1940 as a Grenadier. After attending classes at SS-Junkerschule Braunschweig (November 41 to April 42) he joined the "Das Reich" Panzer Abteilung as a tank commander and later a Zugfuhrer with 3. Kompanie. Gresiak moved to 7. Kompanie and Kloskowski as commander. During his time as commander he was recommended for the Knights Cross by Dieter Kesten for his actions during action around Baraque de Fraiture during the Battle of the Bulge.

Image courtesy of Mark C. Yerger

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