Dieter Kesten

Born: June 9th, 1914 in Gelsenkirchen
Died: April 7th, 1945 in Austria
Iron Cross 2nd Class:
November 10th, 1939
Iron Cross 1st Class:
July 13th, 1943
Knights Cross: November 12th, 1943

After entering the Allgemeine SS in September 1933, Kesten served with the 79. and 7.Standarten before being appointed to the SS-Junkerschule Braunschweig starting in April 1936. After being commissioned he was assigned to II/Germania. In September 1938, Kesten became the Ordonnanzoffizier of the staff of the same unit. Leaving "Germania" in May 1940, he became the Adjutant to the Befehlshaber der Waffen SS "Nord", SS-Brigadeführer Fritz Hermann where Kesten remained until December 1940. Kesten then moved moved to the same position under the Befehlshaber der Waffen-SS "Ost". In May 1941 he moved to SS-Kampfgruppe "Nord", again as an Adjutant until May 1942, when he once again joined DR. He was the first Kompanie Chef in "Langemarck" before becoming the Divisionsadjutant. He moved to the Panzer regiment that year and became 6.Kompanie Chef where he stayed until November 1943, then replacing Tychsen as II. Abteilungskommandeur. He was killed in the fighting for Vienna in the April 1945.

Image courtesy of Mr. Mark Yerger

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