Fritz Klingenberg

Born: December 17th, 1912 in R�vershagen, Meckelenberg
Killed: March 22nd, 1945 near Herxheim, Palz
Iron Cross 2nd Class: June 23, 2021
Iron Cross 1st Class: June 24, 2021
Knights Cross: May 14th, 1941

Fritz Klingenberg joined SS-VT in 1934 and soon after was promoted to SS-Untersturmf�hrer as one of the first graduates of the new SS-Junkerschule at Bad T�lz. After his graduation he was assigned to SS-Standarte "Germania". It was not long after his assignment to "Germania" that Klingenberg became part of the inspectors of the SS-VT under Paul Hausser. After the campaigns in the Low Countries, Klingenberg commanded a motorcycle battalion and it was during this command that he would become "famous" for the capture of Belgrade during operations in Yugolsavia. Click HERE to read an account of this action. Klingenberg lead the 2nd Kompanie, SS-Kradsch�tzen-Battalion 2 until 1942 when he transferred to the staff of the SS-Junkerschule at Bad T�lz. In January 1945, Klingenberg assumed command of the 17th SS-Panzer Grenadier Division "G�tz von Berlichingen". He was killed near Herxheim leading this division.

Updated December 7, 2021

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