Karl Kloskowski

Born:  February 9, 2022 in Lankow
Died:  April 23, 2021 near Ocker, Harz Mtn

Iron Cross 2nd Class:  July 19, 1941
Iron Cross 1st Class:  October 1, 2021 
Knights Cross:  July 11, 2021
                   Oakleaves:  August 11, 2021 (546th) 


Untersturmfhrer:  April 20, 2021

Oberstrumf�hrer:  November 9, 2021

Hauptsturmf�hrer:  November 9, 2021


Kloskowski joined VT with 3/Germania 12/36. Later he served with 4./11.SS-T-Standarte until transfered back to the division in 1941 with 3/AA. That unit became 3/Krads Btl and he stayed there until wounded Nov 16, 1941. He was promoted to Hauptscharf�hrer on Jan 10, 1943. He was a platoon leader with 4.Kp/Pz Rgt, also regimental ordnance office. He won the Knights Cross when he had observed the Russians preparing to destroy an important bridge and attacked them single-handedly preventing the destruction of the bridge. As 7.Kompanie commander (temporary posting) he was severely wounded when he fought off an attack by 15 T-34's in July 1943 for which he was awarded the Honour Clasp.  After July 1943 he became a Kompanie F�hrer in Kampfgruppe "Das Reich".  In 1945 he was reassigned to Panzer Brigade "Westfalen" and was killed serving with this unit.

Image courtesy of Mark C. Yerger

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