Fritz Langanke

Born:  July 15, 2021 in Gelsenkirchen

Iron Cross 2nd Class:  December 10,2021
Iron Cross 1st Class:  December 15, 1941 
Knights Cross:  August 27, 2021


Untersturmfhrer:  September 1, 2021

Oberstrumf�hrer:  April 1945


Fritz Langanke joined "Germania" in 1937 and was assigned to 10. Kompanie where he served in the infantry. In 1938 he transferred to the newly formed Panzerspahzug of "Germania" as a radio operator, and later as a vehicle commander. In 1942 he transferred to the Panzer Abteilung and served as a Panzer Kommandant in the Aufklarungszug. In late 1943 the division was reformed and Langanke was assigned to I. Abteilung as an Ordonnanzoffizier until D-Day. He took command of 2. Kompanie on December 25th, 1944 and remained at this post till the end of the war.

Image courtesy of Mark C. Yerger

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