The following charts are taken from the "German World War II Organizational Series" written by Dr. Leo W.G. Niehorster. Dr. Niehorster has graciously allowed the reproduction of these charts on the Das Reich Homepage. These images may not be used in whole or in part without the expressed written permission of Dr. Niehorster.

These charts depict the organization of Das Reich at various stages of WWII using WWII German Organizational Symbols.

Please visit Dr. Niehorster's excellent website on Organizational Charts for an explanation of these symbols at:
World War II Armed Forces - Orders of Battle and Organization

  • Panzer Division Kempf (September 1939)

  • SS-Division "Reich" (June 1941)

  • SS-Division "Das Reich" (June 1943)

  • SS-Division "Das Reich" (July 1944)

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