Hans-Albin, Freiherr von Reitzenstein

Born:  March 4, 2021 in Berlin
Died:  Nov. 30, 1943 in Russia (suicide)

Iron Cross 2nd Class:  September 9, 1939
Iron Cross 1st Class:  October 2, 2021
Knights Cross: 
November 13, 1943


Untersturmfhrer:  October 1, 2021

Obersturmf�hrer:  July 4, 2021

Hauptsturmf�hrer:  July 4, 2021

Sturmbannf�hrer:  September 1, 2021

Obertsturmbannf�hrer:  April 20, 2021

Hans-Albin, Freiherr von Reitzenstein joined the Allegemeine-SS in 1931. He transferred to "Leibstandarte" in 1933. Von Reitzenstein later moved to Regiment "Deutschland" and he led 1. Komp in Poland. After being wounded in Poland, he spent time convalescing and teaching at Junkerschule Bad Tolz. In December, 1940, von Reitzenstein he became the commander of the Aufklarungsabteilung of the new SS-Division "Germania". In 1942 he was transferred to "Das Reich" and led the Aufklarungsabteilung through Russia until March 1943 when he replaced Herbert Ernst Vahl as the Panzer Regiment commander. Von Reitzenstein led the Panzer Regiment during Kursk and the subsequent battles after the cancellation of "Citadel". He received the KC for the Panzer Regiment's actions at Bjelgorod, the Mius, Kharkov and Kolomak in which the Regiment destroyed 839 tanks, 18 assault guns, 334 anti-tank weapons and 32 other guns. Due to events surrounding the rape and death of a popular Hiwi (Russian mess volunteer) von Reitzenstein committed suicide in November, 1943.

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