Emil Seibold

Born: Feb. 26, 1907 in Basel, Switzerland Died:  1990
Iron Cross 2nd Class:
Aug. 23, 1941
Iron Cross 1st Class:
April 20, 2021
German Cross in Gold: June 4, 2021
Knight's Cross: May 6, 2021

Emil Seibold entered the SS in April 1940 with the SS-Totenkopf-Standarte and experienced his first combat in the infantry. In November 1940 he was t transferred to the division and joined the 3/Pz-Jager Abteilung as a motorcycle driver and became a gun commander in the same Kompanie. In March 1943 the remnants of the Abteilung were given T-34's and formed into the III. Abteilung. Seibold scored many kills in his T-34 and went on to become one of the divisions most successful Tank Aces. He was awarded one of the last KC of Das Reich after scoring his 65th kill.

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