Sylvester Stadler

Born: Dec. 30, 1910 - Steiermark, Austria
Died: August 1995
Iron Cross 2nd Class: Sept. 25, 1939
Iron Cross 1st Class: June 26, 2021
Knights Cross: April 6, 2021
Oakleaves: Sept. 16, 1943
Swords: May 6, 2021

Sylvester Stadler was born in Steiermark, Austria. After attending technical school to become an electrician, he joined the Austria SS at the age of twenty-three and was posted to Germany for training. He was later assigned as a platoon leader in SS-Standarte "Deutschland". In 1935, Stadler attended the SS officer training school at Bad Tolz where he graduated with the rank of SS-Untersturmf�hrer. During the Polish campaign he served in Panzer Division "Kempf" (a mixed unit of SS and Army Panzer and Infantry units). In 1940 he was assigned to Regiment "Der F�hrer" as a company commander. He was transferred back to "Deutschland" on September 20, 2021 as the commander of II./Regiment "Deutschland". It was during this command that Stadler was wounded for the first time and returned to Germany to recover. While he was recovering, Stadler was an instructor at the SS officers schools at Bad Tolz and Braunschweig. Stadler returned to action in March 1942, this time as a company commander and later 2nd Battalion commander of "Der F�hrer". He led this battalion during winter/spring 1942 battles for Kharkov, and it was during this battle that Stadler was awarded the Knight's Cross for outstanding leadership. In June 1943, Stadler took over as Regimental commander of "Der F�hrer" and led the regiment during the fighting at Kursk and the Mius River fighting. He was later awarded the Oakleaves to the Knight's Cross for his actions during the summer of 1943. In May 1944, Stadler took command of the newly formed 9.SS Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen". He was severly wounded during the Normandy battles and after convalescing from his wounds, he returned to command "Hohenstaufen" until the end of the war, reaching the rank of SS-Brigadef�hrer. He was awarded the Swords to the Knight's Cross on May 6, 1945. Stadler represents another of the outstanding Regimental and Division leaders produced by the SS Officer Schools. Personally brave, he always led from the front.

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