A Tactical Marking was usually carried on most Das Reich AFV's although more often omitted on armored cars and half-tracks. The number was usually in black , outlined in white, or sometimes in white or white outline only. Although the colors sometimes varied according to what paint was available. The system or allocating these numbers was usually according to normal German army markings, althougth there were exceptions to the general rule:

R 11 - Regmental Commander R 12 - Regimental Adjutant R 13 - Ordnance or Signals Officer
R 14, etc. - Regimental staff A 11 - Commander of I battalion A 12 - Adjutant of I battalion
A 13 - Ordnance Officer of I battalion A 14, etc. - Staff of I battalion 101 - Officer commanding 1st company, I battalion
102 - 2nd-in-command, 1st company, I battalion 111 - Leader, 1st platoon, 1st company, I battalion 112 - 2nd vehicle, 1st platoon, 1st company, I battalion
133 - 3rd vehicle, 3rd platoon, 1st company, I battalion 201 - Officer commanding 2nd company, I battalion 301 - Officer commanding 3rd company, I battalion
B 11- Commander of II battalion B 12 - Adjutant of II battalion B 13 - Ordnance officer of II battalion
401 - Officer commanding 4th company, II battalion 501 - Officer commanding 5th company, II battalion 601 - Officer commanding 6th company, II battalion

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