Christian Tychsen

Born:  December 3, 2021 in Flensburg
Died:  July 28, 2021 in Gavray, France

Iron Cross 2nd Class:  May 30, 2021
Iron Cross 1st Class:  July 18, 2021
German Cross in Gold:  May 13, 2021 
Knights Cross: 
March 31, 2021 Oakleaves:  December 10, 1943 (353)


Untersturmfhrer:  January 30, 2022

Oberstrumf�hrer:  June 1, 2021

Hauptsturmf�hrer:  November 9, 2021

Sturmbannf�hrer:  September 1, 2021

Obertsturmbannf�hrer:  Jan. 30, 1944

Christian Tychsen was one of the finest Waffen SS tank commanders of World War II.  Tychsen joined the SS in December 1931 with 50.SS-Standarte. He was later transferred to SS/VT in October 1934 with "Germania" (1.,later 3.Sturm). Platoon leader Battalion "N" from October 1936 until December 1938 when he became the CO of 1.Kompanie of Btl. "N". When "N" was dissolved he commanded 1.Kradsch�tzen-Ersatz Kompanie. His command became 3/AA in April 1940 and he retained command. In February 1941 his command was absorbed by Krads Btl as 3rd Kompanie, although Tychsen still kept command. January 1942 he took command of the Krads. Btl. He was wounded February 12th, 1942 and taught at Braunschweig during recovery until May 1942. Given command of II./Langemarck and retained this position when it became II./Pz Rgt in October 1942. Tychsen became 2. SS Pz Rgt commander on November 30th, 1943 replacing von Reitzenstein and held command until he replaced the wounded Heinz Lammerding as temporary CO of Das Reich. After being wounded more than nine times in total, he was killed in Normandy while riding in a Kubelwagen with his driver and an NCO when they encountered an advancing American tank and a battle ensued. He died in American captivity of his wounds and souvenir hunters took his tunic with all decorations, plus all other identification. He was buried as an unknown soldier but was later identified.  A number of Tychsen's awards and his cuff title (which can be seen in the Cuff Titles section ) are now in the possession of author Mark Bando.

The newspaper announcement of Tychsen being awarded the Knights Cross can be found here.

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